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UK Golf Club 2015 Salary & Benefits Survey | Golf HR
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Carolyne Wahlen

About the Author

Carolyne Wahlen is a well-respected speaker, author and HR expert. She focuses on giving help and advice to golf clubs. She often gives talks to the Golf Club Managers Association regions (GMCA).

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"Every golf club manager should read this. Purchase yours today"

Unsure about how much to pay staff at your golf club?

This survey is the caddy which every golf club manager needs to guide their club to success. Stop all that head-scratching and let the number-crunching begin!

  1. Do you feel like you’re doing more head-scratching than number crunching when it comes to calculating your employees’ pay packages?
  2. Are you worried that you’re offering too much or too little?
  3. Would it benefit your club to offer more benefits to your staff instead of salary pay rises?

Top reasons to get the salary survey

  1. Essential information about golf club salaries.
  2. Makes clear what benefits your golf club should offer.
  3. Interviews with wide range of UK golf club managers.
  4. Handy visual analysis of employment patterns.
  5. A must have for UK golf club managers.

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  • LENGTH: 30 pages (estimated)

Which UK golf clubs took part?

  • London and Home Counties (29.03%)
  • Chilterns and Home Counties (25.81%)
  • Southern (19.35%)
  • East Midlands (9.68%)
  • Midlands (6.45%)
  • North West (3.23%)
  • South West (3.23%)
  • Yorkshire (3.23%)

Price: Only £90+VAT

Pre-order Golf Club Salary Survey 2015

What is the Salary Survey?

Golf HR present their 2015 salary and benefits survey – a must have for any golf club manager.

Our survey is participation based and draws anonymised payroll data from 30 golf clubs across England – the majority of them are south of Birmingham.

There are no corporate-owned / proprietary clubs included in the survey. In all the clubs included in this survey, the pro is not included as they are self-employed and not an employee of the club.

This essential, complete and eye-opening survey offers you an insight into the different pay packages which golf clubs around the UK offer to their staff.

There are many factors at play when it comes to working out how much to pay your staff. The employee’s length of service, the size of your golf club, and its geographical location should all come into consideration when working out the numbers. And that’s not to mention perks and benefits such as additional sick pay and holiday allowance.

Salary & benefit packages can be overwhelming…

It’s all a bit overwhelming, especially if you don’t have any point of reference to work from. If only there was a concise and complete golf club specific guide filled with information about salary and benefits packages…

That’s where this survey comes in. By examining a broad cross section of golf club personnel from all walks of life, this survey will put you on the straight and narrow as regards to what your own employees should receive in their salary and benefits packages.

For starters, did you know that the youngest golf club manager is a 23 year-old woman from Essex?

You can learn and understand more about the wide range of people who work in the golf club trade with this revealing survey.

You can also learn how other clubs compete with the proprietary clubs when it comes to offering rewarding holiday allowance and sick pay while remaining within the rules set out by UK employment law.

Every golf club manager should read this salary & benefits survey

This survey is the logistical caddy that every golf club manager needs. Never miss the flag again when it comes to getting your employees’ pay and perks spot on.

Pre-order your copy of the 2015 Golf HR survey today for a limited reduced price.

About the Author: Carolyne Wahlen

Carolyne Wahlen is a well-respected speaker, author and HR expert. She focuses on giving help and advice to golf clubs. Originally from Leeds, Yorkshire, Carolyne likes to cut straight to the chase. This is very useful when it comes to dealing with the complex world of UK employment law.

She is the author of 5-star book Keeping You Out of the Rough. This is a guide on how to handle difficult staff issues without landing in any legal bunkers.

She currently provides HR expertise and advice to 24 golf clubs across the UK.

Her talks are praised for their engaging, amusing and informative nature. She often gives talks to the Golf Club Managers Association (GCMA) regions on how to deal with staff issues. She is the employment law specialist for Golf England’s course at Warwick University. She also gives talks to members of other professional golf associations such as the CMAE, BIGGA and the PGA.

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Author of the 5* Book – “Keeping You Out of the Rough” by Carolyne Wahlen: Buy on Amazon

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